I am an educator, creative technologist, and design researcher invested in building inclusive story-making prototypes. I do this to prompt emotional responses and cultivate discussion through “what if” curiosity represented by humility and ambition. My process is a mixture of methodical and exploratory; it involves analyzing, dissecting, and generating connective systems. The speculative outcomes of my recent work combine predictive simulations via machine learning, natural language processing, and human emotion to interrogate implications of emerging technologies on the authenticity of human communication.

My design practice investigates digital identities by distorting existing structures and proposing new opportunities thereby reimagining and reassembling possible futures. I engage in systems based processes to break down options, functionalities, and frameworks into usable, understandable, manageable, and actionable pieces. Regrouping via deconstruction allows me to continually review where to invest my time and focus. This informs how I prepare design assets, evaluate available technologies for prototyping, and broadcast my work.

My background as an instructor, design researcher, advisor, and technical project manager has helped me develop keen emotional intelligence which I pair with my broad design experience. Practicing empathy, trust, and connection with people has aided in everything from facilitating participatory design collaborations to building team cultures of ownership and accountability.

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INTERESTS: Design Equity, Sustainability, Social Justice, Speculative Futures, Digital Identities, Design Fiction
SKILLS: Systems Design, Critical Thinking, Story-making, Field Research, Rapid Prototyping, Natural Language Processing, Information Architecture, Design Thinking, Machine Learning, Circular Design,
Active Listening, Time Management, Collaboration, Process Mapping, Ideation, Heuristic Evaluation, Strategic Development, Task Analysis, Content Strategy, Participatory Design, Wireframes, Contextual Inquiry, Usability Testing, Affinity Mapping
SOFTWARE: Unity, Vuforia, IBM Watson (multiple products), Sketch, Omnigraffle, InVision, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, SuperCollider, NETLab Toolkit, Delft AI Toolkit, Google Colab, Camtasia, Gameshow, OBS, Google Docs, Microsoft Office Suite, IFTTT, and working knowledge of: Python, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe After Effects, Google AutoML and Google Natural Language
HARDWARE: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32 Microcontroller, Photon Particle board, various sensors and accessories, SLR Camera, Makeit 3D Printer, Makey-Makey, woodshop and sewing lab certified